Auto Roller Zefiro 675 Motorhome

Auto Roller Zefiro 675 Motorhome (Garage)

The Zefiro 675 motorhome is perfect for families with children. This 6 berth hi-line motorhome offers a great space to relax on holiday. For a great night’s sleep, the Zefiro 675 includes 3 double beds, with a large over cab bed and 2 double bunk beds at the rear. The bottom bunk bed can be easily stowed away creating a large storage (garage) space ideal for bicycles and sports equipment. The dinette has enough space for six people.
DurationLow SeasonMid SeasonHigh Season
Short Break£395.00£425.00N/A
5 Nights£495.00£650.00N/A
10 Nights£895.00£1085.00N/A
Auto Roller Zefiro 675 Motorhome Layout Floorplan